Americans in the Czech Republic

Flag-Pins-USA-Czech-RepublicHoney and Mike watched attentively the NBA game and when the game ended, the West Coast team had won the game to the East Coast team by a score of 196-173. The players, mostly black, had made incredible pirouettes and displayed great physical prowess in order to achieve that score. Mike had jumped about twenty times off his chair, in ecstasy, and Honey had sighed several times. From the beginning to the end of the game, Mike and Honey had calibrated the barbecue fire, had thrown burgers on the grill and had eaten them with a lot of spicy sauce and, at the end had had two large cups of black coffee.

When the basketball game came to an end, Mike and Honey approached Veronika’s cabin. Julia and Veronika had been cooking for about two hours and still had a whole hour to go. Meanwhile, they watched, on YouTube, Barca FC against Celtic FC. Julia and Veronika were amazed at the fourth goal, where Messi misses a penalty on purpose to hand over the ball to his teammate to connect the last kick. They watched the sequence again and again from different angles and were awed by the brilliant idea. What a genius bastard, said Veronika. It could have been Messi’s number three hundred goal in the European League and he had chosen not to do it.

Then, Veronika looked at Mike to check his astonishment, or perhaps to tell him that in European sports, wondrous things could also take place, and yet Mike contemplated the scene with certain bewilderment. Mike did not really understand what had happened between Messi and his teammate. His American eyes could only see one player kicking the ball slowly forward, and another pitching in and hitting it hard without any obstacles from anyone else.