Czech League Fans Have Nothing in Common with Each Other

sparta-pyro-2Dan can’t sleep at night knowing that his dad was able to see his favorite team champion 7 times before dying. He even saw them compete in Scotland, during the European finals against Celtic FC. Dan was an only kid and was also taught to be a football fan. He thinks that the previous generations of his family had all fulfilled their roles, except for him.

So, Dan started thinking of them recently, as he watched the colorful festivities in his hometown; the flags and people celebrating his second championship in life. So he started thinking of all four together, sitting in the same room, watching the celebrations and suddenly realized that all 4 of them had nothing in common, except for that one thing. His great granddad loved weapons talks and he was an anarchist. His granddad was intro breeding pigeons, lived in the countryside and smoked cigars. His dad was skinny, introverted and extremely conservative. Dan likes smoking pot, he is fat and likes to write.

Dan finds it extremely paradoxical that all 4 of them have gone through life (over 100 years in total) with that one small thing in common, their Czech football club. Whether tuning in on a transistor radio, a black and white TV, visiting the same stadium, made of wood in the beginning and then concrete, living in the same city, watching the game on a laptop or an iPhone, all 4 of them had the same obsession. They are all four different types of people from extremely different times but with something in common, which is actually not very relevant. So, as Dan watches the celebrations from his armchair, alone, those three dear friends who are no longer alive but have always been with him, greet and welcome him into that exclusive group of privileged people.