Famous Landmarks In Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries in central Europe. The rich history and wonderful nature makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the continent. One of the most interesting places in every tourists journal is Prague Castle. Dating from the 10-th century, Prague Castle has been central for Eastern Europe for centuries. In terms of area, the castle is the largest in the world. In its over 1 000 years history it has gone under many dramatic changes, evidence of which are the numerous buildings constructed within its area.

shutterstock_413445220The famous capital

The capital and largest city in Czech Republic is the city of Prague. Prague offers many possibilities for tourist like, three of Europe’s oldest and loveliest libraries, great art galleries, historical monuments and many others. One of the most famous sites is Prague’s Charles Bridge. You can not miss the city’s most important river crossing. In it’s 520 meter span, it includes numerous great statues and many unique points of interest. The city is one of the best to live in and offers many opportunities for young people. It has many universities most of which are top of the world. You can learn more when you visit www.schoolapply.com

The natural wonders

The continental climate and the various landscape, make the Czech Republic full of mysterious natural landmarks. Most interesting is “The Bohemian Paradise”. This area is notable for its many huge rock formations, that seem to rise from the ground like giants, looking unsupported and bending the laws of physics. Another landmark is KrKonoše Natural Park. This park is noted for its unique landscapes and ecosystems. It is the home of Czech Republic’s highest mountain range. Another adventurous place are the Punkva Caves. You can tour the caves by foot and see many mighty stalagmites and stalactites.