Less Known Facts About Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, located in Central Europe and bordering Poland, Slovakia, Germany and Austria, is still quite an unknown place for many. Besides Prague, which is a popular destination amongst tourists, who visit it in millions each year, most of the country remains a mystery. Formerly a part of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic is known for its rich history, abundance of castles and tasty, yet quite heavy, cuisine. What secrets are hidden beneath that surface level of Czech facts? Definitely more than just theCharles Bridge and Prague Castle, that’s for sure.

shutterstock_228741844Surprise from Central Europe

The Czechs are considered to be one of the highest educated nations in the world. According to official statistics, 90% of the population has completed at least secondary education. It is the highest score in the European Union. With that in hand, there is no surprise, that Charles University in Prague is not only one of the oldest universities in this part of the world, but also one of the leading ones in many study fields. You can find out more about Czech Republic and possibilities of studying in this beautiful country at www.schoolapply.com. It is definitely worth it.

Czech it out

Although that side of Europe is considered heavily catholic, a census conducted in the Czech Republic in 2011 brought interesting statistics. Only 19% of Czechs declare believing in god. A true atheist paradise and quite a surprise, considering it borders very religious Poland. That is not the only interesting statistic. Did you know, that Czech are the world’s biggest bear consumers? In this case, they beat even the Germans, who are famous for their century-long beer traditions. Those two combined make the Czech Republic an ideal place for drinking, partying and not being concerned about going to hell for it.