The Czech League and Pride

czech_republic_6_1440x900Dan is not sure when he will die, but he can at least say that he has seen his favorite Czech football team champion more than once. It seems like a rather superficial life goal, but what with what has been happening in the Czech League in recent years made him think that he would never be privileged enough to see that happen.

During the thirty years that Dan lived in the twentieth century, he thought he would be destined to be left out from that privileged group of fans that get to see their football club champion in the Czech League. All those born after 1960 were a generation of fans that remained virgin for about 40 years. They were mostly fed oral legends, old newspapers clippings and the stories told by the elderly. At recess the classmates that were fans of other football clubs had been able to celebrate current championships.

Dan faked excitement when his parents recited the whole legendary team’s lineup from the 40s, but he actually felt a little envious and, especially, a bit angry. Why had Dan become a fan of a club where the only happy memories belonged to his parents but never to him? He also envied his grandparents, when they talked about the three European Cups they had won in a row, also in the 40s. Why three cups in a row for them and not a single one for Dan? And he also envied (even if he had never gotten to meet him) his great grandfather, an Italian immigrant who saw the whole glorious campaign of the team, when they won 7 tournaments in a row, back in the decade of the 1910s, and gave them the nickname of the Academics. The elderly told Dan he should be proud of his fandom and their achievements, but why?