The Prague Mission

PragueLuka wonders why he made his father such a promise. Probably he caught him off guard and said yes immediately, without thinking. But this morning when he got up, he had a lump in his throat, like a big lemon going up and down between the throat and the guts. He was looking for an excuse not to do it but he did not dare fail his dad, and he had almost forced his friends to go with him today, so of course, he could not be the one to desert them.

“See you at the gate, guys” said Luka outside The Generali Arena, home venue of Sparta Prague, and he thought that once they made it through the police control, the worst would be over. They walked through it making no haste. His hand resting upon the shoulder of his nephew. Luka was searched by a policewoman, who barely noticed the contents of the bag. He showed them the access cards and continued into the stadium. Then they entered the tier area and went straight to the area where his dad had asked him; against the fence, next to gate three, halfway between the midfield and the penalty area. A terrible spot, in other words. For the nearest goal was hardly visible and the other one was blocked by a pillar.

In addition, should any turmoil occur in the piers, behind you, then the masses will press you and crush you against the wires, like it happened in the Hillsborough disaster in Sheffield, England, back in 1989. At the same time it is a historical spot; the only spot that Luka and his dad managed to witness their team win a European championship, that glorious afternoon when they became champions for the first and only time in their miserable lives as fans.