Top 3 Universities In Prague

Universities reflect upon the culture of a country and its progressiveness. In that sense, the Czech Republic is truly progressive and has imbibed in its people a culture of education. It has many universities – old and new. Prague being the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic is home to as many as twelve of the beautiful and top ranked universities. Prague offers variety in the education space. It has public, state and private universities across streams of study like economics, technology, military and arts. However, public and state universities are highly valued in terms of prestige and quality of education.

shutterstock_89862769Top 3 universities in Prague

1. Charles University. This is the oldest and the largest university the Czech Republic. Established in 1348 it provides education in 17 faculties. It is ranked 302nd on the QS World University Rankings® for 2016. 2. Czech Technical University. Once called the Prague polytechnic, the CTU has given to the world some brilliant minds like Christian Doppler to the technological field. 3. University of Economics. This is home to finest economic minds in the Czech Republic. If you want to study economics, consider this. Other universities in Prague may suit your interests. However, if you are a student looking for online courses, bachelor programs online are difficult to find.

Other factors to consider while selecting the university.

While choosing the best university in your line of study is important, it is essential to look at other factors like student engagement programs, active student organisations etc. Prague offers lots in terms of architectural and artistic inspiration. It is important that you find a university which provides you an opportunity to let you use these inspirations in constructive ways. Also, tuition fees and courses offered are factors to consider. If you get a chance, talk to alumni and current students of your preferred universities to know the best courses. Wish you the best in your studies.