Understanding Czechoslovakian Soccer and Cuisine

traditional-czech-foodThere were no big stunts during the scene, no physical risks for anyone involved. Mike admitted “I do not understand Czechoslovakian soccer. Why was it a genius goal?” And Veronika did not know what words to choose to answer that question. Especially the part about Czechoslovakia, since that country had ceased to exist about 20 years ago and the match in question was not even a national one.

In any case, if one looks at it with Yankee eyes (or alien), thought Veronika, the goal perhaps lacked graciousness. It was not an aesthetic goal and there was nothing spectacular about it. It was an extravagant goal, a subtlety that only someone who had watched thousands of football games could perceive. That goal was a lesson of humility, especially for those big stars that do not celebrate goals made by their teammates. Veronika thought that it must be some genetic coding embedded in Europeans that allowed them to enjoy that subtle move. Instead there are certain instances in basketball, tennis or baseball that would shock just about anyone, even someone who might not be familiar with the rules of that sport.

Veronika invited them to sit at their table while cutting vegetables for the salad. Mike and Honey found it strange that the cooking was taking so long. After a long silence that was not really awkward, Honey asked Julia why the cooking process took three hours. Julia and Veronika looked at each other and knew that the answer to both Mike’s and Honey’s questions (Why was it a genius goal? and why the cooking process took three hours) was the same. Almost all the questions in the world are usually the same, thought Veronika. “Should I answer?” asked Julia in Czech. Veronika tilted her head to see the infinite stars in the eastern sky. “No, let them figure it out for themselves”, she replied.